Cork – An Eco-friendly option for Yoga Mats

Yoga has the power to change and transform lives, regardless of whether practicing it regularly or occasionally. When it comes to practicing yoga, there are a number of choices that need to be made.

To practice indoors or outdoors?

What kind of Asanas should be practiced?

What is the length of each Asana?

What kind of yoga mats to use?

These are probably some of the significant choices that one needs to make while practicing Yoga.

Yoga does not change the way we see things; it transforms the person who sees

B.K.S Iyengar

When performing a mindful and longevity practice, does performing on plastic and non-sustainable materials reap benefits?

Using eco-friendly products has been increasingly important to move towards a sustainable future. A mat to practice is the most essential component of all Yogis. It provides base and grip to support throughout and hence it is important to select the right one. Yoga Mats come in varied colors, sizes, materials, and thicknesses. And Cork is one of the best sustainable products to use on a Yoga Mat.

Using Cork Yoga Mats

Cork is used on the top surface of Yoga Mats due to its impermeable and elastic nature. Cork is a natural antibacterial and antimicrobial material that is easy to care for. If a cork Yoga Mat is handled with care, the durability and life of the mat are extended. If you love your mat, your mat will love you back!

The top reasons for using a Cork Yoga Mat are:

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Cork is made from Cork Oak Tree. Cork is harvested from the outermost layer of the bark, which is hydrophobic (repels water). And harvesting the cork does not damage the tree in any way, rather the Cork Oak tree regenerates its bark making the cork an eco-friendly product.

Cork is a renewable and environmentally safe product

Many people fail to realize that mats used for Yoga are made of PVCs and harsh chemicals. Most of our time is spent on our mats while practicing Yoga, so why settle for the rest when we at Greenway World can give you the best?

Anti-bacterial and Anti-Microbial

Cork is naturally anti-microbial and is resistant to germs that get off with the sweat. The antimicrobial properties found in cork also prevent odors. Cork does not allow bacteria to grow on the surface of the mat, which means all the Asanas can be practiced with peace of mind.

Cork is rated as a hypo-allergic material and is best suitable for sensitive skin

While it is essential to clean the mat after every usage, there should not be any worries about the Cork Yoga mat being a bacterial battleground.

Comfortable and Durable

Most of the cork yoga mats have a cork top layer and a natural rubber layer for easy grip. The texture of the Cork Yoga Mat is provided with subtle padding that protects the knees from injuries.

The Cork Yoga mat is designed in a way such that the more you sweat, the more the mat gets grippier.

Yoga mats made from non-sustainable products can become slippery, whereas cork sticks through sweatiest times and hot Yogas. The cork absorbs water/sweat, causing friction to build between hands and the mat, which prevents hands and feet from slipping during intense Yoga sessions.

What do we offer at Greenway?

To believe and trust the brand that makes your Cork Yoga mat is a prerequisite before buying one. We utilize all the bark so that nothing gets wasted and ensure that our Yoga mats are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Cork can be recycled and is bio-degradable which means your mat will never be a part of the landfills, but rather be used for generations to come.

If you seek peace, be still. If you seek wisdom, be silent. If you seek love, be yourself. If you seek health, do Yoga – Becca Lee

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