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Laundry Detergent Sheets – Biodegradable Laundry sheets with Fresh Linen Scent

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Greenway World Laundry Detergent Sheets – Biodegradable Laundry sheets with Fresh Linen Scent – MSDS Certified Detergent Sheets – Eco Friendly (80-sheets upto 160 Loads)


  • SPOTLESS CLEAN: Our laundry strips will provide more powerful cleaning than other detergents brands on the market. The liquid free washer sheets will help with softening the wrinkles on your clothes and will eliminate any odor and dirt stains
  • EASY TO USE: The laundry detergent strips by Greenway World dissolve within seconds. Just drop the strips into the washer and you’re done. Our laundry dryer sheet works well with both hot and cold water
  • WORKS WITH SENSITIVE SKIN: You don’t have to worry about skin irritation while using our laundry soap sheets as they are hypoallergenic, vegan, and phosphate-free. So, they are completely safe to use, even if you have sensitive skin
  • ON THE GO DETERGENT SHEET: The plastic free laundry detergent sheets can be taken along on a trip, whether you’re camping in a forest or traveling by plane, the laundry sheets can be used on the go. Use 1 strip for larger loads or half a strip for smaller loads.
  • Fresh Line Scent Not Strange: Light, natural and fresh line laundry scent. Not irritating and not strong. The scent of washed clothes makes you feel happy & Comfortable.Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Wash your clothes with Greenway World’s Laundry Detergent Sheets! Formulated to tackle tough stains and eliminate unpleasant odors, these sheets make laundry effortless for busy families.

Gentle on Skin and Babies

Crafted with plant-based ingredients, these delicate laundry detergent sheets do not contain harmful chemicals or dyes. Different from traditional detergent pods, they’re suitable for people with delicate or sensitive skin.

Compact and Easy to Store

Our portable and lightweight sheets are packed in plastic-free material and fit easily inside your suitcase or backpack. Because they’re liquid-free, they won’t spill or leak during your trip. They make a must-have addition to your travel and household supplies.

Suitable for Different Fabrics

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Synthetic
  • Blended Cloth
  • Baby Clothes
  • Wool
  • Denim
  • Polyester

Works with All Types of Washing Machines

  • Front Loaders
  • Top Loaders
  • High-Efficiency Machines

How to Use

  1. Put the dirty clothes in the washer.
  2. Place the sheets inside the washer based on your load.
  3. Run the washing machine.

How Many Sheets Per Load

  • Medium Load – ½ sheet
  • Large Load – 1 sheet
  • Extra Large Load or Heavily Soiled Clothes – 2 sheets

Get pristine and fresh clothes with Greenway World’s Laundry Detergent Sheets!

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20 Sheet, 40 Sheet, 80 Sheet

4.4 Average Rating Rated (26 Reviews)


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  1. sarge 9489

    Much easier to use & control

    Much easier to control the amount of detergent. I’m not sure if it cleans better, need to some more comparison with my liquid detergent. But i Love how easy it is to use, store and measure

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  2. Cat Mama

    Eco Friendly

    I like this type of laundry soap. I approve of the Eco Friendly aspects. The sheets work well and don’t leave behind any residue. They seem to do a good job at cleaning my clothes. I do want to say that these arrived in a poly bag and the box was crushed and open on the sides. It didn’t effect the laundry sheets, but it’s difficult to dispense

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  3. Midwest Midlife

    Box was smashed, still seems to work okay

    The box arrived dented and smashed and partly opened. The sheets were bent and crooked. I was worried they would be dried out and wouldn’t work. I tried one just now, with a load of towels. The sheet dissolved well and left no residue. The towels have a clean, neutral scent. I wasn’t happy with the shipping but the detergent seems okay

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  4. Shane

    They Work Average

    We’ve tried various laundry sheets before and basically they work average for us. These “Greenway” detergent sheets are just like the others – they’re average. They get basic clothes clean, but if you have super dirty clothes you might need a different detergent. Also, these Greenway sheets aren’t really scented. Not a big deal but just an FYI. They work, but aren’t the best ever

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  5. marw

    Work well for laundry that isn’t heavily soiled

    Works well for laundry that isn’t heavily soiled. These sheets are also great for traveling since they are so easy to pack and not messy in any way. I use 1 sheet for a large load so have never had to tear one in half

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  6. Precise Disarray

    very light fresh scent, dissolves easily in cold water wash, I use more than what it asks for. Works

    “Not bad. 4 stars for having a very light fresh scent, for seeming to get my clothes (including stinky, very dirty items) clean, and for being easy to use. However, I find myself using more than what is indicated on the box. I doubt I will get 160 loads. But even half that isnt bad. I really like the sheets as a box takes up way less space than a bottle. Sheets are very easy to tear. They arent perforated, so a clean tear likely wont happen. May want scissors, otherwise it is simply better/easier to just toss a whole sheet in.

    Dissolves very well in cold water, which is what I normally wash my clothes in.

    I have tried a lot of laundry sheets, and some do not work. These at least work. 4 stars”

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  7. Bichon Mom

    Cleans as expected and dissolves quickly even in cold water

    “Greenway World Laundry Detergent Sheets are listed as eco-friendly and formulated without wax, animal derivatives or dyes. There is no detailed listing of ingredients but the product is described as hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan as well as free of bleach, parabens and phosphates.

    The sheets measure 4.375” x 5.5” and dissolve well in both cold and warm water creating the expected amount of suds. These sheets do have a heavier scent than I prefer but it does not linger in finished laundry.

    Greenway World Laundry Detergent Sheets work well to clean laundry. The amount needed varies with the load but the sheets are easy to tear. They come in a compact dispenser box and are a good choice for eco-friendly , hypoallergenic laundry sheets”

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  8. ✨Mr. King


    “Still useable for me. well not sure only me or not.
    Still got the smell when i got it but sad the package is open not sure how long already got a feeling already lose some smell but still working well still not bad”

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  9. Keiran

    These Make Laundry Easier!

    “These make doing laundry, easier. I really like, not having to measure out laundry detergent into a cap, anymore. I hate rinsing the cap out, over and over again, until all the detergent is gone. These are great because they’re like dryer sheets but they’re detergent sheets.

    When I do laundry, I use two sheets for super loads, one sheet for large loads and half of a sheet, for medium and small loads. These are easy to use and they’re also biodegradable!”

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  10. StoreyBook Reviews

    StoreyBook Reviews

    “I like trying a variety of laundry detergents to see what works the best in our household.

    Depending on how soiled the load is will depend on how many need to be used. Generally, I can use one sheet and it cleans things well, but if the load was more soiled I would probably use 2. If it was a small load, I might use 1/2 but probably would use a whole sheet.

    These are great for traveling should you need to do laundry while on the road”

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  11. CinderKY

    Environmentally friendly option!

    After trying multiple different brands of laundry detergent sheets, I’ve come to the conclusion that, in general, none of them seem to clean quite as well as liquid detergent. On a positive note though, they are so much better for the environment than plastic jugs and they are super handy when traveling. These sheets have a very pleasant fresh linen scent out of the box. But the scent doesn’t carry over over to the laundry…at all. So you’ll need to add fabric softener or a scent booster if you actually want scented laundry. They don’t have perforated lines for tearing in half, like some laundry sheets do. For the average person, there is realistically 80 loads worth of sheets in the box because it takes a full sheet for normal loads. They are mess free and simple to use!

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  12. Charlitos

    Works surprisingly well

    “I was a bit skeptical about these laundry detergent sheets, but if the pod system works, why couldn’t these. A couple of things stood out first, the lightness of the box with 80 sheets that The manufacturer claims is godos for up to 160 loads, and the second thing was how simple it is to use.

    The product worked quite well the few times that I have used them. It is very simple to use, just fill up the washer with water, then drop 1/2 to 2 sheets depending on how big your load is, and let them dissolve rapidly; that is what I found worked best. I have to say though, I normally had to use more that what is called out in the instructions, in order to get a proper wash; however, when using a little extra the wash was great. There is no scent to the product after the wash, and for not so dirty clothes, this works great. Because of how much needs to be used however it makes the value for the money not so great and a bit pricey.

    Overall not bad at all, especially if you are looking for a conscious choice for detergent that is light weight and mess-free. If you don’t mind paying the extra, or if you do smaller load at a time, then this one might be for you.”

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  13. Vanessa C.

    Convenient and works alright.

    These Greenway World Laundry Detergent Sheets are really convenient to use, an all in one product that I would probably use when on vacation or when I didn’t want to tote a heavy bottle of detergent down to the community laundry room of our apt complex. My 73yo mother likes them because they’re lightweight.

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  14. opal

    Decent laundry sheets.

    “I’ve had the chance to try out a lot of laundry sheets, and these are on the better end of what I’ve used.

    I like that these laundry sheets aren’t heavily fragranced, and do not leave a strong scdent on my clothes. I prefer neutral and clean smelling laundry over heavily perfumed, and these sheets satisfy that preference.

    These sheets dissolve well and thoroughly in cold water, and have not left a residue that I’ve noticed on my mostly dark wardrobe.
    I do find that I have to use more of these sheets than usual to get items fully clean though, usually double the sheets, therefore reducing the cost effectiveness of them. If I use extra they clean my filthy and sweaty clothes quite well.

    I’m fairly happy with these laundry sheets overall.

    Greenway World Laundry Detergent Sheets – Biodegradable Laundry Sheets with Fresh Linen Scent – MSDS Certified Detergent Sheets – Eco Friendly (80-Sheets Upto 160-Loads)”

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  15. ZbornakAttack

    EcoFriendly but Not Necessarily The Best for Heavy Soiled Laundry

    “These laundry sheets worked well when trying to wash regular to lightly soiled items. For instance, these would work well for towels, sheets, blankets, underwear etc. They aren’t going to get the job done on heavily soiled loads UNLESS you use some sort of additive like baking soda, vinegar, or bleach (but this is true for nearly all detergents) so I’m not taking any stars off for this, as it’s actually expected!

    TEST: I usually add vinegar to my colored loads or bleach to my white loads but I tested these out with no additions to the washing machine to truly test this product’s capability. I noticed that heavily soiled items still came out with a bit of staining and still had a slight lingering smell, BUT again, these were heavily soiled items and I almost expected this. These sheets coupled with the bleach or vinegar additions did the trick on the second test.

    If you’re looking for a non-irritating laundry option for the items for bedding and towels, these are great. The scent comes out very very light, nearly non-existent, so don’t expect this to come out like a spring meadow. Keep in mind when you get laundry detergent with that strong of a scent, there are A LOT of additives you should question. I’d rather pay for the laundry cleaning power and then add my own scent boosters or dryer sheets with a scent.

    160 loads is quite a lot when it comes to the price point. Even if you double up on sheets for the dirtier loads, getting 80 loads for this amount is the equivalent of paying for some of the pricier laundry detergents that use a lot of additives.

    All in all, a nice option for lightweight travel laundry options or light loads while maintaining space efficiency and respecting the environment”

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  16. Anonymous

    Ecofriendly product

    Loved this product. Used for multiple purpose around the house

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  17. PoconoBlood


    This product works well on regular laundry haven’t tried on heavy soiled item

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  18. Beths2039

    The new way to do laundry.

    “I’m obsessed with these laundry sheets. So much better for the environment and cost effective. Also it so darn easy.

    You get 80 sheets here and they dissolve almost instantly when you throw them in the washer. Good suds and smell great. A nice clean scent.

    I will probably get around 80 loads out of this box. I use 2 per load but you can use 1 or even half and make them last.

    Amazing for traveling too. If you haven’t checked these sheets out, you really need to”

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  19. PJ

    Smell nice, clothes come out clean

    I really like these Greenway World laundry detergent sheets they smell nice and they do clean my clothes well. I usually use 2 sheets for a big load of laundry, maybe another half sheet if the clothes are really dirty. I like how easy these are to store, they take up very little room. I do have to keep them in a Ziploc bag as my laundry room isn’t air conditioned or heated and it gets pretty humid in there so I worry that they will get wet in the box. This laundry detergent hasn’t caused me any skin irritation since I started using it

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  20. K. Chan

    Convenient for College Students and Others Who Don’t Own Their Own Laundry Machines

    The Greenway World Laundry Detergent Sheets is a great detergent to have on hand if you have to walk to a laundromat or downstairs laundry room when living in a dorm or apartment. Back in my college days, doing laundry was an annoying chore because I often had to balance a bottle of detergent in an already full basket of dirty laundry. The Greenway World Detergent Sheets would’ve made life so much easier since it’s lightweight, requires no measuring, and works just as effectively as a liquid or powdered detergent. To use, simply drop in a sheet (or two for larger loads), and wash your laundry as usual. The detergent cleans clothes effectively, has a fresh pleasant scent, and didn’t leave any residue on my clothing. While I no longer have to carry my laundry up and down a flight of stairs to get it clean, it’s still very convenient to have on hand in my laundry room, and I like how it’s much more eco-friendly than bottled detergents – the only packaging I need to deal with it a piece of recyclable cardboard. Overall, this is a convenient and effective detergent that gets laundry clean and smelling fresh.

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  21. ChiefB & SweetieBoo

    Tested on Tough Load

    I tested these detergent sheets on my toughest load. My wife & I keep a separate laundry hamper for clothes that we use while gardening or doing out heavy duty yard work. These clothes get extremely dirty with ground in dirt, soaking wet with sweat and all sorts of stains. I cheated and used two full sheets due to the size of the load (very large) and the condition of the clothes. Results were interesting: the white items came out cleaner than I’ve seen ’em in a long time, excellent results especially considering that I didn’t use any sort of bleach. The colors came out as good as with my normal, expensive, detergent. The scent was good although it didn’t really carry over after machine drying. All-in-all I’m happy with the results and like the fact that I’m not adding any addition plastics to our local landfill. Definitely worth a try

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  22. Vede

    Dissolving laundry sheets

    Treat these like laundry pods, throw them in and forget about it. At first I was always trying to look for the sheets after washing but I realized they just disappear because it dissolves completely almost. I throw it into the dryer and there shouldn’t be any residue left. These are great alternatives as they’re quite environmentally friendly when it comes to storage and transport. No heavy duty plastic containers, which are usually difficult to recycle due to the variations of plastic that is used.

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  23. Alex

    Effective, lightweight, and takes up very little space

    “So far, these laundry sheets have done just as well as other detergents I’ve used. I’ve used the recommended number of of sheets based on the load sizes, and my clothes have come out smelling and feeling clean. They have a light scent before using them, but I don’t really think they leave any scent on the clothes. I smelled the dirtier things like socks, and there was no stink left. They also get sweaty running clothes clean. I never have super dirty clothes that I wash, so I don’t know how they hold up against heavy grime.

    I like the box that they come in, and it’s easy to quickly pull the sheets out. I do wish that the directions for how many sheets to use were not on the bottom of the box, since I always have to flip it over to remind myself how many to use. The box is nice, though, because it takes up very little space and is lightweight.

    Small to medium loads only take half a sheet, and the sheets are easy to rip. If you have a hard time ripping them evenly in half, you can fold them and make a crease to make it easier. Large loads do take a full sheet or two, so it’s unlikely that anyone will actually get 160 loads from the box”

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  24. Cheryl A. Reynolds

    Seems to work well

    Have only used these a couple of times, but so far no complaints. I like the idea of a dissolvable laundry detergent sheet; as advertised, it would be easily portable for traveling and also minimizes waste as there’s no big plastic jug or cardboard box when it’s done, just a small and easily foldable (for recycling) outer container. I did two big loads and used 2 sheets in each. The clothes were clean, smelled nice, so no complaints

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  25. M

    great soap

    works well, smells good ,nice fresh laundry

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  26. Michael Sunners

    Smells Great, Works Great!

    Don’t often review but really like this product so thought I should let everyone know. Love the smell and they work really well!

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